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They started out in the biz as blondes but ended up brunette and they look super sexy with dark hair and their blue eyes as you can see here in Overboard Video’s
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Young blonde twin sisters Cali Marie & Cherish, also known as the Milton Twins made an early duo appearance simultaneously sucking and fucking a horny stud in an episode of the “Girls of Cumelot” amateur web series!

Here’s a blow-by-blow from the stud himself for this amateur twin sister scene:

“Feast your eyes on these little cutie pies! Who in the world can resist a pair of teen twins? I can’t. Don’t lie, you can’t either you pervert! In this short clip, we get introduced to Cali Marie and Cherish, who are just about as cute as it gets. We even get a little bit of a strip tease. Now our favorite twins are taking a bath! Woo hoo! We like baths. And obviously the girls do to. If there is anything better than watching to cute little twins rub one out in the bathtub, let me know. I love this shit! These two look alikes are about to get it on with this powerful looking stud. He takes them both on at once and he is more than enough for them to handle.”


And the twin sister action continues:

“One of the twins puts her ass up in the air and starts waving it at this guy. The other girl comes up and starts to make out with him. He’s in a very happy place right now. He takes a seat on the bed and lies down. The girls climb over to him and saddle up on his dick and his face. They both go for a ride as they start bumping and grinding their hot little hips. He sits back on the bed and gets a stellar blow job from these two girls. They fight over that cock and try to get as much of it for themselves as they can.This series comes to a climax right here. The girls are finished off by this example of manliness. He fires his semen cannon off and it spreads all over both of their backs.”


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There’s nothing like real teenage twins! Here they are- Marissa & Melissa, the Milton Twins in braces!

Milton Twins in Braces