is the official blog devoted to bringing fans the latest news on sexy sisters and twins! Fans may register for a user name and password for free to take advantage of all the interactive features of the blog including the ability to make public comments on the blog and to get notified of new postings and comments via RSS syndication! Twins Brooke & Vikki

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  1. #1 SurferD says:

    Good luck with the new blog and I hope there’s lots of good stuff in the future.

  2. #2 og911 says:

    Hey thanks for the invite over at S&T Jim! I like what I see here so far.. nice setup. I’ve been to countless twin/sister themed blogs only to be disappointed with old rehashed material and even more disappointed with inaccurate/fake info. It’ll be refreshing to participate in a blog from someone in the industry and more importantly “in the know”!

  3. #3 willywonka says:

    Just joined after seeing your post on S&T Jim. I like the layout of the site so far. My membership to camwithher runs out today. If I renew it though this site, do you get a cut? See ya Thurs for the Vikki & Brooke chat.

  4. #4 admin says:

    willy, thanks for thinking of me. That’s a good question. I am not certain if a webmaster would get credit for referring a pre-existing customer if that customer renews his account or if a webmaster would have to refer a customer who signs up for a new account to get credit. It’s worth a try, by clicking on the embedded video.

  5. #5 jowwor says:

    A promising blog indeed! Love your material Jim.. :) And I absolutely LOVE Brooke & Vikki. Been waiting for twins with bodies like that since the time the Taylor twins stopped posting material…Will definitively attend their next show on thursday. It’s like christmas eve! :D Only drawback is that it is 2am here in Europe at the time of the how…:S They should get their own site as well, need something new on that front as well.

    All the best to you Jim and all friends of S&T and LL… :)

    -Jowwor L. Urker- ;)

  6. #6 ferndogg says:

    good to be here Jim , thanks for inviting us cats! definitely good to know someone in the industry like og said!! place looks good man. Ill just make myself at home, Im assuming the beers are in the fridge ? ;)

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